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When Twitter Q&A sessions go horribly wrong

Earlier today, a poor Spanish tennis player opened himself up to hordes of angry Chelsea fans. Hilariousness ensued...

Carlos Alvarez

Early on Sunday, tennis start Rafa Nadal decided to have a little Q&A session with his fans on twitter. It's not uncommon to see these sorts of things, and often leads to some interesting questions.

Today would be no exception, but not for the reasons we'd normally expect. Nadal attached a hashtag to his Q&A, and it quickly began to trend. Unfortunately for the Spaniard, he may not have chosen the best hashtag to use:

When #AskRafa began to trend worldwide, it caught the eye of many Chelsea fans. Chelsea fans, as you know, generally don't care for their manager. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite questions addressed to the wrong Rafa:

Dear other Rafa,

Next time, try #AskNadal

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