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Romelu Lukaku says some encouraging things

Matthew Lewis

Belgian striker and all-around wonderful human being / hero of mankind Romelu Lukaku has been a hot subject lately after terrorising Sunderland at the Hawthorns last weekend. And why not? Lukaku's been on an incredible run of form as of late, showing signs of fulfilling his near-limitless potential. Following his progress is a good way of distracting ourselves from this insane season.

So, let's do some more progress-following! De Standaard have a not-very long but still interesting interview with Lukaku in Dutch* which touches on his current relationship with Chelsea, how he sees the future going (he hopes to make a return to Stamford Bridge soon), and how he acts off the pitch. While it's great that he's in close contact with his parent club and is looking to make an impression with the Blues, it's his answer to that last question which is most promising. Instead of wanting to go to nightclubs or pubs, Lukaku claims, he just wants to stay at home and act as a role model for his brother and other young fooballers.

*So use Google translate.

Lukaku's always come across as incredibly mature, and that sort of attitude will take him a long way. It's the perfect recipe to ensure that he makes the most of his inborn talents. And that should scare the rest of the league quite a lot.

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