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Poll: Would you sack Rafa Benitez at this point of the season, or would you wait?

West Brom is coming, and that fixture is usually followed by managerial turmoil. Would you prefer to see the club sack Rafa now, or would you wait?

Ian Walton

Two themes are dominating the headlines about Chelsea FC this morning. The first is the increasingly dangerous situation that the club are finding themselves in as they continue to under-perform this season, and the second is a reported training ground argument between several players and Chelsea's interim manager.

Whether or not this latest training ground incident is any more real than the last one, it's become painfully obvious at this point that there is absolutely no chance that Rafa Benitez will be with this club beyond the end of the season. With the manager-unfriendly West Bromwich Albion fixture looming, I thought it would be a fun time to run a little poll and see where the community stands on potentially sacking Rafa.

At this juncture of the season, any change will likely involve either Steve Holland, Avram Grant, or someone else of a very temporary nature. We certainly aren't going to bring in a big name replacement in February/March, as their just aren't any available at this juncture.

It's only fair to ask if a change of that nature would benefit the club, or if yet more mid-season managerial turnover would be detrimental to our chances of securing a top four finish. With that in mind, I've attached a poll to gauge whether or not you'd be willing to make another temporary change in order to get rid of Rafa. Vote away, and discuss.

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