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Fernando Torres and the best headline ever

Michael Regan

This has nothing to do with Fernando Torres or Rafa Benitez, neither of whom has done anything particularly offensive today. Hurray for them. Instead, it his everything to with Sky Sport's subeditors, with whom I've taken umbrage in the past. Somehow, they've managed to turn a set of quotes about Torres playing too often into this headline:

Rafael Benitez believes Chelsea have become too reliant on striker Fernando Torres

That headline, of course, is chortle-inducing comic gold. But it's also thoroughly misleading and nothing to do whatsoever with what Benitez actually said. The manager gets enough grief without getting on him the stuff he doesn't do wrong.

But yeah, y'all know that most sports subeditors are awful people more interested in making the news than reporting it. Mostly, I'm writing this up because despite being another example of dishonesty in sports reporting, it also made me laugh like a moron when I woke up. So I figured I'd share.

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