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Sam Hutchinson nearing return to play for Nottingham Forest, according to his manager

Hutchinson has been out of action since early in the season, but finally appears to be close to a return to action

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

On loan Chelsea defender Sam Hutchinson is getting close to a return to playing football. The right back has been out since September with knee issues, and what was originally looked at as a short term injury has caused him to miss the majority of the season.

There had been very little actual news about Hutch and his recovery, but new(ish) Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies had the following to say about his situation this morning:

"He has started training again, with Chelsea, and we are hopeful he will be back with us shortly."

"He is getting fit and should be back in the squad within 10 days or so."

"Having him back would be a real boost because he is a good player. He has quality. But we need to get him back, to get him fit and then we will see who wants the jersey the most."

It will be good to see Hutch back on the pitch, but there was at least a silver lining to the longer than expected absence. He managed to miss the entire ill-fated Alex McLeish era at the club, something that can only be seen as a positive thing by anyone that's ever been associated with an Alex McLeish club. I'm sure there are more than a few Chelsea fans that wish they could do the same with Rafa Benitez.

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