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Surprise! The Sun was wrong about the John Terry/Rafa Benitez story

Is anyone really surprised that this "story" was all make believe?

Warren Little

Over the weekend, we heard a story about a dressing room bust up between John terry and Rafa Benitez that sounded like it was going to result in John Terry spending some time on the bench. Not many took the story very seriously though, as it was published in The Sun.

Both Benitez and Terry refuted the story almost immediately, and today the paper issued the following statement on the matter:


'An article in the Sun on Sunday 17 February "War: JT and Rafa in angry bust-up" carried a story about an alleged dressing room row between John Terry and Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez following the team's 3-2 defeat at Newcastle.'

'The article alleged that there was an "angry bust up" between the pair which left their relationship at "breaking point". We now accept that no such row took place. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any embarrassment caused.'

Is anyone surprised that The Sun made up a story with the intention of selling papers? They'll "happily" apologize for the situation after the fact, but they'll probably find a new story or rumor to make up by the end of the next weekend without any hesitation of putting it into print.

Unfortunately, it's publications like The Sun that make following Chelsea difficult at times due to the fact that there is so much ridiculous nonsense written about the club with absolutely no basis in reality. I wish more people would just realize that most of the things they write are utter crap, and just stop reading the paper entirely. Some people will read anything though, even if it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

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