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Maybe people shouldn't give quotes anymore if Sky Sports is going to do this to them

Dmitry Korotayev

I was perusing Twitter (not a great start to an article, but bear with me) just now when I saw a provocative looking headline from Sky Sports:

"Dan Petrescu blasts Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic"

Like most other Chelsea fans of a certain age, I have very fond memories of Dan Petrescu, and I was curious to see what the fuss was about. The subhead, which reads "Dan Petrescu has hit out at Roman Abramovich over the sacking of Roberto di Matteo after just eight months in charge at Stamford Bridge", had me even more curious.

And here's what Petrescu actually said:

I think Abramovich made a wrong decision because Roberto is a really good guy who deserved to stay.

He was a good player and everyone could see that he did a great job at the club. I'm really sorry for him and I hope he'll find his place in football.

Oh. Petrescu says Roman Abramovich made a mistake in firing di Matteo. Because he did. Since Sky's subeditors are unaware of what 'blasting' is, apparently, please allow me to demonstrate: The person employed to write this headline doesn't deserve to have a job. News organisations can set whatever tone they like, but twisting someone's words to this extent is clearly unethical and I'd be embarrassed to be the poor person with my name attached to that piece of utter nonsense.

Also, you can't spell.

Have a nice day.

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