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The one you've been waiting for: all of Hazard's touches against Sunderland

One of the more welcome developments over the past year or so has been the rise of the "all-touches" compilation video.

Instead of just picking out the highlights, these present a much more complete, and dare I say perhaps even useful picture of a player's performance. They were especially popular over the summer, serving as the perfect method for introducing ourselves to new players like Willian or drooling over the prospects of the likes of Bertrand Traoré.

And when a performance like Eden Hazard's on Wednesday comes along, they get to serve as a perfect memento, fit to be rewound (or whatever the equivalent YouTube action to that may be) and re-watched over and over and over and over AND OVER again. And again. And again.

And again.

This video comes courtesy of @feroze17 who became a household name among Chelsea fans on the Internet with his excellent videos during and after the glorious Champions League-winning run.


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