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Eto'o apologizes over dangerous challenge on Jordan Henderson

Clive Rose

Despite being just the latest Chelsea striker to fail to provide a truly consistent goalscoring threat, Samuel Eto'o certainly managed to be in the center of attention for many of Sunday's most controversial incidents.

Just over a minute into the match, he clashed with Jordan Henderson, going in very high, studs first, and very close to the knee.  Then, at halftime, the TV cameras "caught" him exchanging shirts with young Mamadou Sakho, which apparently is a big taboo or some such.  So, perhaps in an effort to spare us from a spate of overanalysis on just what a half-time shirt exchange means, Eto'o managed to get involved with Luis Suarez late on as well.  It's the latter that has fueled the limited imaginations of much of the football media, but it was actually the first incident where Eto'o got truly lucky to escape without any serious repercussions (although Liverpool did score from the ensuing free kick).

To his credit, Eto'o has come out to publicly apologize to Henderson.

"Maybe I should have been sent off."

"During the match in the first moments, the game was passionate on both sides, but people know I'm not violent. I was really sad to see Jordan on the floor - I want to take this opportunity to say sorry."

-Samuel Eto'o; source: Sky

This gesture obviously won't change the outcome of the match, or perhaps won't even provide any comfort to the Liverpool midfielder, but it's still nice to hear.

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