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What was your favorite Chelsea moment of 2013?

Clive Rose

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014. Are you excited? Ready to make and then immediately break all your new year's resolutions? I know I am!

But before then, let's take a moment to reflect on the past 12 months. Reflect on all our troubles (but don't dwell on them, he's in Naples now), on all our successes, on all the good times, and all the not so good times, too. But mostly the good, for that's what I want to ask you about.

What was your favorite Chelsea moment of 2013?

Last year this question was easy: Because May 19th. The year before then, we had an NCAA basketball tournament-style voting bracket: Juan Mata's arrival (not really a moment per se, but we made it work) won the final matchup. This year we're going with a straight-up poll to give you the illusion of choice - because let's be real, there could only be one proper choice for best moment of 2013.

The candidates are:

  1. Mourinho returns (because we upped the Rec/green threshold, this comment thread needs to be revisited)
  2. Frank Lampard breaks Tambling's club record with #203
  3. Branislav Ivanovic scores the winner in the 93rd minute (gotta collect all the trophies!)
  4. Mikel scores his first ever Premier League goal (and everybody goes nuts)
  5. Interim rafalutions off into the Midwest sunset
  6. Chelsea troll Spurs over Willian
  7. Stamford Bridge renamed the Garden of Eden as Hazard scores against West Ham
  8. Juan Mata scores a late winner at Old Trafford: SAF's last ever loss
  9. Demba Ba makes two-goal debut away to Southampton
  10. Fernando Torres trolls Joe Hart and Manchester City

Write-in votes are also acceptable, but I don't think I've left off anything truly major. Vote now!

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