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Tebowing? No, it's spelled Thibauting

[tee-BOH-ing] -v.i. emulating a classic Thibaut Courtois goalkeeping save in any random location.

Scott Heavey

If you haven't already heard about the social media craze revolving around a popular football player (no, not Tebow, Thibaut), no worries.  Our friends from the new Fusion show, "The Soccer Gods," have you covered.

In fact, hosts Nando Vila and Simon Carr go to rather extreme lengths to highlight the, erm, versatlity of the "Thibauting" pose, as you can see for yourself in the video.

<iframe src='' width='640' height='360' style='border:none;'></iframe>

Given that the Belgian FA  jumped at the chance to drive the #Thibauting bandwagon by offering signed jerseys to the best Thibauters (Thi-Bros?), it should come as no surprise that "Thibauting" has been nominated for Belgian sports word of the year.  It faces heavy competition from the likes of "spookdoelpunt" (ghost goal) and "supermanslag" (swimming in the style of Superman flying), so be sure to cast your vote for "Thibauting." After all, can we really call a silverware cabinet full if it doesn't include the award for Belgian word of the year?  I'm sure Courtois will put his hopefully-forthcoming trophy right next to his La Liga goalkeeper of the year award

For more on Thibauting, check out the tumblr account that has been documenting the trend every step of the way.  For more on The Soccer Gods, you can usually find them providing their own hilarious take on the funny things that footballers do.

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