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Chelsea vs. Liverpool: Second Half Thread

At play in the Garden of Eden
At play in the Garden of Eden
Julian Finney

What a half, what a half.

It all started rather horrendously, another bit of clownshoes set piece defending allowing Suarez to steal in and nick the ball ahead of Ivanovic (after David Luiz played everybody onside).  Skrtel touched it over the line, but it was probably going in anyway.  Not three minutes had passed.

But perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, the proverbial kick in the pants that we needed, because Chelsea have been absolutely imperious ever since.  Tremendous pressing, lovely passing, so much energy, so much fight.  It's been fun.

Eden Hazard's goal was a blockbuster, Samuel Eto'o's goal was a great bit of teamwork starting with David Luiz (playing in midfield), then Cesar Azpilicueta (playing right back after Branislav Ivanovic was forced off early with what looked like a groin or knee ligament strain), then finally Oscar delivering the telling ball low across the penalty area.  And a striker scored!  What a day, what a day.

Unfortunately, we still have 45 minutes to do and 45 minutes is a long time.  But if Chelsea can keep up their effort from the first half, we should be looking at a momentous, deserved victory.


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