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Thibaut Courtois' gloves save goals and save lives

Angel Martinez

Thibaut Courtois hasn't played a single minute for Chelsea so far, be that competitive or even pre-season friendly action, yet he's already a favorite of many.  The oodles of world class talent that pour out of his every move certainly help, as does the generally mature, realistic head he displays in interviews.

And in addition to changing the Belgian languages, he's helping change lives as well.  To help and support family friends who are going through a tough time, he's auctioning off a pair of his goalkeeper gloves to raise money and provide encouragement for a successful recovery.

The winning bid has tripled in a little over 24 hours and is almost into quadruple figures.  And there are still eight days to go until the end!  Amazing.  Well done, Thibaut, well done.

So, what were you doing at 21?

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