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I guess it's Hazard's turn to get picked on by the media?

Scott Heavey

This one comes from Neil Ashton via that paragon of objective journalism known as the Daily Mail, so take it for however much worth you normally assign to such entities.  For me, Ashton managed to separate himself from the rest of the chaff when he correctly reported (predicted? guessed?) not only that Ryan Bertrand would start the Champions League final as a left winger but that Roberto Di Matteo was getting the hook and replaced by He Who Shall Not Be Named; and while he's not always correct (as if such things matter in the football media who are held less accountable than most referees), he's still riding that bit of good will and thus gets my page clicks.  (For now.)

In any case, the word appears to be -- and I'm guessing this is just the start of this narrative thread -- that Jose Mourinho is not happy with the effort that Eden Hazard is showing on the training ground.  The word 'antics' makes an appearance as well in the headline.  Evil shenanigans are afoot!

"...Eden Hazard is first off the training pitches and first to get away after lunch. There is disbelief that a player with so much ability should choose to lead his professional life this way. He could be one of the best."

Oh, he's a regular Allen Iverson, that boy.  We're talking about practice! Now I'm sure that Hazard's carefree (wherever he may be) attitude that is so often evident in interviews or displayed in goal-celebrations makes this conjecture easier to believe -- and that whole passport incident can always be brought up as supporting evidence -- I find it hard to believe that Mourinho would give so many minutes to a player who so displeases him on the training ground.  There is only one automatic selection on Chelsea's front line and it's Eden Hazard.  Something doesn't quite add up.

Maybe it's time to go back to picking at some other, more frayed edge, Neil.  Might I suggest Kevin De Bruyne?  Or did that get boring?  Perhaps Ashley Cole?  Never mind all the grief the media has given Cole over the years (even questioning the honorary captaincy on occasion of his 100th cap), now the outrage is growing over the "raw deal" that the left back is getting from sourpuss Mourinho.  Perhaps Juan Mata?  Never mind that he's started the last four (4) matches in a row (and seven of the last ten) in the Premier League and will most likely will be out there against Arsenal as well.  Ok, Hazard it is.  Good luck with that!

Is it Monday yet?

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