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Schwarzer, Willian, and Azpilicueta tried to lead by example but nobody followed

According to your player ratings, only three players emerged with any credit from the shocker on Wearside. These are their names; these are their stories.

He tried everything.
He tried everything.
Matthew Lewis

Minutes played120
Marky Maaaahrk conceded two.  They were the only two goals Chelsea have conceded in this year's League Cup.  They are the only two goals Schwarzer has conceded all season.  Unlucky.

While he wasn't pleased with the outcome, there wasn't much he could do about either.  Unfortunately for him, this now means that he'll be on the bench until probably the early FA Cup rounds.  Chin up, Mark, as the 817th and 818th conceded goals in your professional career, I'm sure they will soon fade into the background.

2. WILLIAN - AM 7.2
Minutes played120
While it's getting better, I think Willian is still struggling to gain the proper recognition from fans in general.  Much like Torres, he's probably not being helped by his massive transfer fee, but unlike Torres, he's settled pretty quickly after initial unimpressive showings and has gone from strength-to-strength lately.

His recipe for success:  impressive work-rate coupled with a great first touch, good vision, and excellent hair.  And unlike the rest of his teammates, he was able and willing to showcase his abilities on a cold Tuesday night as well.  Thank you, Mother Russia.

Minutes played70
Since the doody-heads at the Capital One Cup gave Lampard's goal to Lee Cattermole instead, Azpilicueta misses out on an official assist.  That's pretty silly, but that's the problem with basic statistics really.  But hey, at least we got a goal from a fullback's cross, which is like whoa is this what The Matrix feels like?

Clearly, this development angered the football gods and they took swift revenge on poor Dave Athpillykweta.  We still don't know the extent of his injury, and while there's a chance that it was just something minor - that the substitution on which, to a large extent, the match turned was just precautionary - chances are we'll have to go with Ashley "I locked Bertrand in the basement" Cole and Branislav "dangerous weapon" Ivanovic.  Save us Based Fernando!

David Luiz (5.8), Cahill (5.7), A.Cole (5.3), Lampard (5.5), Mikel (5.0), De Bruyne (5.5), Schürrle (5.7), Eto'o (4.3)

Essien (4.5), Ba (4.5), Hazard (5.6)

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