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League Cup Open Thread / Pagan rituals in the smoldering ruins

Thomas Starke

Do not be alarmed. That acrid smell wafting through your nostrils has been proven to possibly cause cancer only in the state of California. You'll be fine.

So, as we look for new life in the smoldering ruins of the League Cup, let's watch either Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur try to one-up our beloved Chelsea by hilariously losing to random, crappy opposition.

Unsurprisingly, it's Stoke City vs. United that is easier to find on television (Sky Sports 1; beIN Sport; Ten Action/HD), while if you want to see how Spurs fare in the first match of the rest of their non-AVB lives, you'll have to make do with streaming (beIN Sport Play/Dishworld for those in the USA).

Since I'm still 32 words short of 150, here's something I never thought I would say: that's a good looking sash. Republic FC may not end up all that great or play at a very high level, but at least they'll look good out there. Plus, they have a kick-ass video department; loving this:

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