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Sunderland vs. Chelsea: You choose the League Cup squad

Hopefully years of Football Manager pay off

Scott Heavey

Chelsea head north to take on Sunderland tomorrow, with the winner advancing to the League Cup semifinal. Jose Mourinho has stressed the importance of winning a trophy of some sort this season, and with that in mind, I'd expect to see a relatively strong lineup in place for the game.

Today we're not asking what you feel Mourinho is going to do, we're asking who you would select if placed in charge of the Blues. We've given you what I believe will be the available options for this one, and we're asking you to tell us the players you'd select.

You'll notice the form is a bit different this time, with two specific spots for a starting keeper and a backup. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder that you really ought to have one of each, as the community has been struggling with that one of late.

As always, the results can be viewed by clicking this link. Please don't email me requesting access to the results, I have already given it to you.

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