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A special supercar for the Special One

Luxury car tuners Mansory are working on a supercar called Mourinho. I'm not making this up.

Clive Rose

That's right, it's the Mourinho.  The car.  Or more accurately, the supercar or, even more accurately, the special supercar (super special car?).

Yes, the car is called the Mourinho.  Built by tuners Mansory (i.e. a company that specializes in making already rare, luxurious supercars even rarer, and superer); they will make just eleven of them, each carrying an expected sticker price of around €2m.  Chump change, really.  Mourinho will get the first one of course.  It's unclear if he has to pay for it.

That this story is making the rounds only now, roughly a year after the original story was published by the magazine Robb Report, purveyors of all things luxury, is one of those weird Internet quirks that sometimes sees current events ignored and somebody's random tweet or post getting picked up and going viral.  I'm sure it didn't help that it was only the Russian edition of the Robb Report that carried the story, a decision that I'm guessing had something to do with a certain Russian's associations with a certain Special One.

I actually first saw it at Jalopnik, but they didn't tweet about it, so whatever.

Now what probably happened was that Raff House (a watch company?), who are the brains (?) behind this project, posted this teaser on their Instagram on Wednesday, just to remind people of it.  Marketing!

That they posted the same teaser image as was used twelve months ago didn't matter since nobody really cared about it back then.  But now... now it's everywhere!  Marketing!

"I can see myself driving this car to a big game, adrenaline filling my system, as I'm trying to get to the stadium as soon as possible, wishing for the game to start."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Raff House

Yeah, it's tough to get that feeling from a Ferrari 599 / Aston Martin whatever / Audi A7, right?  So bush league.  If the car's name doesn't match yours, you may as well just stay home.

"This is incredible - to have your own car in the most straightforward sense of the term, a car built to fulfill all your desires and needs. I've always dreamed of a car uniting the best of Ferrari and Aston Martin - a powerful engine with perfect comfort and class. This is what the Raff House supercar is expected to be like."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Raff House

The 750 horsepower car, fashioned from carbon fiber and "chrome-plated aluminum of a special shade which is very difficult to manufacture" (ooooh, aaaah) is expected to be presented to the world sometime next year.

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