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In the land of milk and cookies, Oriol Romeu is double stuffed

I have no idea what that means but that's all I've got, and at least it sounded good.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Hey, remember Oriol Romeu?  You know, the Spanish Marco van Ginkel?

Romeu came to us out of nowhere for a somewhat ignorable amount of money, then was the next best young thing in the Chelsea midfield for a hot minute before disappearing fast amid Di Matteo's preference to roll with a double pivot.  The following year he created another bright spark in our collective consciousness at the start of the Interim Era only to blow out his ACL and end his season prematurely.  Like I said, the Spanish Marco van Ginkel.

With the Chelsea midfield seemingly carrying enough in numbers (if not necessarily world class quality) this season, we decided to let young Oriol rehab his knee in the warm climes of the Mediterranean coast, in the Mata-approved city of Valencia.  Any city that Juan Mata approves of has got to be a wonderful place.

Sadly, Romeu's loan has not been an unqualified success.  On the contrary, it's bordering on a slight disaster.  Distinctly fourth choice (at best) behind Ever Banega (swoon), Dani Parejo, and Javi Fuego, he's made a grand total of two La Liga starts and has just seven appearances overall.  I'm sure a slow start fresh back from injury didn't help, but his Valencia record has more than just a tinge of McEachran-at-Swansea-ness to it.  Although according to Romeu himself, Chelsea are pleased with his progress:

"I know that they are following me and they are happy with my recent performances. They have congratulated me but I have not spoken directly to Mourinho."

-Oriol Romeu; source: Sky

That last bit is a bit concerning if you're holding out hope for a Chelsea career from Romeu,  After all, Mourinho seems to be the closer nowadays, knocking down Emenalo's set-ups and giving players that final little manly cuddle to bring them (back) into the fold.

Romeu remains confident however.

"If [the talk of a possible return] is true it is really good, I hope so. It is good that they are interested in me."

"Chelsea scouters told me recently that there are not many players in my position and that if I have a good season they will want me back next year."

-Oriol Romeu; source: Sky

With Lampard and Essien fading - and fading fast / slowly / age-appropriately (choose as you see fit) - Romeu could certainly win himself a spot in our midfield.  Whether he'll have such a chance rather than getting sold on remains to be seen however.  Going on 22 with 18 months left on his Chelsea contract, it will soon be (if not already is) decision time for Romeu.

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