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Pochettino shoots down Shaw rumours

Ian Walton

Clubs can show their interest -- that is not something we can control. In this case, Luke Shaw is not a player we want to sell. He is not for sale.

-Mauricio Pochettino. Source: ESPN.

Luke Shaw hasn't been mentioned in these parts much recently, but I'd suspect his name has been in the backs of our collective minds. Ashley Cole's era will soon be over, and at that point Chelsea will have to find a way to replace him. With Shaw as perhaps the best young left back in the country (certainly the most talked about one!), he's an obvious transfer target.

But Southampton probably aren't going to be so keen on getting rid of one of their prize assets, and considering he signed a five year contract last summer and that they're currently in the middle of a campaign that could easily see them sign for Europe, it's difficult to see Chelsea possessing the leverage to make a January sale attractive. Mauricio Pochettino's merely confirming that here.

Shaw will eventually be sold -- perhaps to us -- and he'll be sold for a significant amount of money. But we can probably ignore any rumours that he'll be joining the team this winter.

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