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On Mourinhos, Ancelottis, and Panenkas - ITV's new documentary on Drogba sounds great

“I think finals are there to be won, you know the feeling of losing a final is really bad. I prefer to lose a semi-final, quarter-final because I know I will forget... But the feeling of losing a final stays here forever. Even if you win two, three, four, five it stays. You know, I’m too scared to lose, so I give everything to win.” - Didier Drogba

Mike Hewitt

A fresh batch of Didier Drogba quotes are making the rounds currently in the English media. Their source: a brand new documentary on ITV4, the latest in their Sports Life Stories series, on the one and only Didier Drogba.

Did you watch it? If so, I'm a bit jealous. After all, he's the only player to have a place on a wall in my house. Here's the promo:

The two main bits that the media are running with are the comments on his transfer from Marseille to Chelsea and his account of the winning penalty kick in the Champions League final. The first one's a bit banal and is mostly being used to frame Chelsea in that classic evil, undeserving talent-snatchers role that we've played to much critical acclaim many times since 2003, while also being led with ambiguous headlines that make you think for a second that they're talking about recent events ('Didier Drogba resisted joining the Blues' shouts the Express).

The ones about the penalty kick are much more interesting, and the fact that a Panenka even crossed his mind is almost giving me a heart attack right now, 18 months later.

I was thinking, okay, okay now it is my turn, what do I do, the goalkeeper has gone everywhere we shoot everywhere, every time you take a long run he goes in the right direction, so I decided to do a Panenka, so I thought okay - Panenka. No, no, no, no, Panenka. But I decided to take a two-step then I will not give the goalkeeper any time to read my run and I will see where he is going, so after my first step I could see he had already gone on my right [so] I put the ball on the left and then I think that was it, I was like, 'No it is not possible, no it is not possible.'

-Didier Drogba; source: ITV

Oh you ridiculous, glorious, legendary man.

Be sure to check out the full write-up over at ITV for more from THE BIG MAN on playing for José, playing for Carlo, and playing for his nation. And if you did happen to catch the program on TV, how was it?

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