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Tuesday Champions League Open Thread

Harry Engels

As far as Champions League matchdays go, I'm not all that super excited about this one. Sure, the marquee matchup of Juventus vs. Real Madrid will possibly be a good one, so perhaps I'm just a bit jaded.

The rest of the schedule is mostly minnows against sharks. Bayern, PSG, and both Manchesters have rather easy-looking opposition to contend with and while that opens that possibility of a hilarious upset or two - and judging by the weekend result for both Chelsea and my home town team, anything is possible - I don't think that's really on the cards today.

Boring, boring, Champions League.


I got nothing else to talk about, so in order to achieve my quest for 150 words, I'll fill in the details on the 'home town team' reference:

Twenty-five years removed from the biggest night in their history (when they hosted Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup), FC DAC 1904, to put it mildly, are struggling. Embroiled in legal battles with the city, the owners, and unpaid players - stretching back at least half a decade - it's a minor miracle that they're still in existence, even. That they managed to get promoted back to the top division in Slovakia last season is even more amazing.

Less amazing is their insane inability to score goals this season. Following the unlikely 1-0 home win over third from the top Trencin on Saturday (in front of 650 disbelieving spectators), DAC now have a whopping eight (8) goals from sixteen (16) matches. Eat your hearts out, Spurs!

Adding extra hilarity to the proceedings is that despite only collecting nine points so far, they're not bottom of the table! There's a team that's even worse! And only one team gets relegated at the end of the season! Hahahahahahahahahaaaa...

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