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Chelsea vs. Southampton: You choose the squad

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The Blues will host Southampton on Sunday, who would you put in the 18-man squad?

Chris Brunskill

After a disappointing midweek performance, it would sure be nice to see the Blues bounce back with an impressive showing over the weekend. They'll play host to one of the surprises of the early season, as Southampton head to Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho will have some decisions to make ahead of this fixture, and we're asking you to tell us what you would do in his shoes. David Luiz, Marco van Ginkel, and Samuel Eto'o are all unavailable, but you've got the rest of the Chelsea squad to choose from ahead of the Premier League clash.

Now that you've submitted your response, feel free to have a look at the results of the community vote. Discussion is always encouraged, but please be respectful of other opinions on the matter.