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Chelsea killer fancies Blues move

Ian Walton

If you can't beat them, join them. And if you can beat them, you should still join them, because they pay lots of money. This appears to be Mohamed Salah's philosophy, because days after sinking Chelsea with a late goal in Switzerland (remember, had that not gone in the Blues would have been confirmed as group winners) he's talking about how great it would be to sign up with them:

I'm very proud to have scored two goals against Chelsea. I want to play for one of the best teams in the world. My favourites are Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea.

-Source: Sky Sports.

Salah is drawing interest from some top clubs -- as well he might. He's demonstrated just how dangerous he can be in his matches against us over the course of the year, and he's young enough that we can expect him to develop even further. But as for a Chelsea move, it seems unlikely to happen unless we succeed in our goal of finding a way to construct a team entirely out of attacking midfielders. Barring that, we're pretty well stocked in Salah's department

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