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Zola: McEachran eager to learn

Bryn Lennon

Josh McEachran has been a We Ain't Got No History favourite for pretty much ever. Although he hasn't developed as fast as we might have liked, he's still extraordinarily talented, and thanks to a loan move to Watford, he's in the hands of Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola, who's already shown through Nathaniel Chalobah that he's as good at nurturing our youth as he was on the pitch.

Here's what Zola has to say about his newest midfield charge:

Josh is doing very well. He's doing well and I'm expecting him to do even better. He's extremely good when he's got the ball -- nobody has any doubts. What I'm expecting him to do, what Chelsea are expecting him to do, is to improve his game when the opposition has got the ball. He plays in a position in which you have to do also that part of the job. I see from him a lot of participation when we try to tell him what he needs to do, and that is what he needs to do. That is the most important thing and he will become very good.

Source: ChelseaTV via Youtube.

We heard some rumblings that McEachran perhaps wasn't applying himself totally to learning the defensive side of things last season, but if Zola is right this is extremely good news. Josh's weakness has always been when his side doesn't have the ball; his position is poor and he doesn't seem to know how to tackle. Zola and his coaches are working on that, and McEachran's a willing student. Sounds good to me.

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