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Werder Bremen confirm interest in de Bruyne loan

Lars Kaletta

I said we'd be hearing a lot about Kevin de Bruyne over the coming weeks, and here we are with more on the youngster. With the likes of Atletico Madrid, Schalke 04 and Wolfsburg hovering around (perhaps even looking for a permanent deal), Werder Bremen have officially thrown their name into the hat:

His (Kevin de Bruyne's) player agent is aware of our interest in his services. I will be getting to know if there is a chance to re-sign Kevin de Bruyne on loan for our club. If this is possible, we will have to wait and see if such a deal can be really worked out. Everyone at Werder Bremen knows all about the quality of Kevin de Bruyne.

-Werder Bremen general manager Thomas Eichin. Source: Kreiszeitung Syke via Sky Sports.

Is this a surprise? Not in the slightest. Chelsea aside, Werder Bremen know better than anyone else just how good de Bruyne is, and I'd have been shocked if they weren't interested in taking him back if they thought there might be a chance to get him.

What's interesting about the quotes, then, isn't that Bremen want de Bruyne back, it's that they don't really know if it will be possible. Look again at what Mr. Eichin has to say. 'I will be getting to know if there is a chance to re-sign Kevin de Bruyne on loan for our club.' In other words, all this talk of a loan is speculative, and Chelsea haven't made up their minds one way or another just yet.

That said, there's clearly something here, or de Bruyne's agent wouldn't be involved. I think it would be silly to let de Bruyne go out again if there's any chance of him getting playing time at Chelsea (which there should be), but if there isn't... well.

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