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West Brom receive apology over penalty call

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Charlie Crowhurst

In the long-ago days before the international break, it is said that Chelsea received a dubious penalty call in second-half stoppage time to salvage a point -- at home, no less -- against West Bromwich Albion. It is also said that West Brom expressed righteous indignation over being denied two points. As well they might.

Now the Baggies have received an apology for the decision:

We’ve had a phone call from Mike Riley to apologise. It doesn’t get us any more points but it’s nice of Mike to phone. If he’s apologising, he obviously feels it was the wrong decision. We have to put it behind us now and move forward.

It remains to be seen whether Chelsea will receive an apology for allowing Branislav Ivanovic to have the [words!] kicked out of him all afternoon, including during the building up West Brom's second goal and in the aftermath of Eden Hazard's equaliser. What are the odds that they get one?