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Galatasaray rubbish Terry rumours

Clive Rose

With John Terry's contract winding down in the summer, we're going to be seeing quite a lot of talk about him either signing a new deal or going elsewhere. There aren't really many other options. Of course, since Terry gets paid so much money -- his wages are in the vicinity of £165,000 per week -- there are pretty significant barriers to him signing a new deal or going elsewhere. In the Financial Fair Play Era of Glorious Responsibility, there aren't going to be too many teams willing to pay through the nose for an elderly centre half, no matter what his qualities.

One of the clubs that has been linked to the skipper is Galatasaray, who appear to be collecting elderly, expensive players. We all know Didier Drogba, for example, and Wesley Sneijder's there as well. Why not add Terry to that mix if Chelsea don't agree to hand out a new deal? It wasn't the most plausible of rumours, but hey, it was plausible enough. Until, of course, Galatasaray were asked about it:

John Terry is a great player however, our transfer priority is not to sign a centre-back. Our main goal is to target younger players and reduce the average age of the team. Terry is definitely not in any of our plans, neither Roberto Mancini or the board have shown any interest and no enquiries have been made.

The club aims to sign Turkish players during the transfer window, all these rumours do is demotivate our defenders. I'm going to say it again and make it very clear, we are not interested in Terry.

-Galatasaray CEO Lutfi Arıboğan. Source: Turkish-Football.

My guess (and I'm a cynic) is that Terry and Chelsea are talking about a new deal, and his representatives want as much leverage as they can drum up. If other clubs are interested in signing Terry for more than the Blues are willing to pay, their position is much stronger, but there simply won't be that many sides in for his services. And so a wide net is cast in hopes that they'll find a bidder. It's all part of the game, but in this case, Galatasaray aren't interested in playing.

What do you all think will happen with Terry this summer?

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