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Schurrle, Rooney and other such nonsense

Clive Rose

Since it's international week, the news cycle is, barring injury (best wishes to Sami Khedira, by the way), going to focus on meaningless player quotes. This time, it's Andre Schurrle caught in the media headlights for apparently putting down Manchester United man Wayne Rooney. Sky Sports have the quotes:

Would Rooney get a game in the German team? It's difficult. Rooney is a great player, but we have good quality too, in every position, and maybe twice, so I don't know if he would play.

Obviously, and for reasons beyond my admittedly limited understanding, Schurrle was asked a question about Rooney and fluffed his lines with a noncommittal answer. He quickly made it clear via Twitter that he wasn't trying to put down Rooney in any way:

What's the moral of this story? Players should never talk to the media. A) it sometimes gets them in trouble, especially when they're not native English speakers, and B) if they stopped giving journalists these hacked-together quote pieces, maybe they'd start writing something worthwhile instead.

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