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In a refreshing change, these rumors aren't about Chelsea selling Courtois

Wait, his gloves say 'Real' but he plays for Atletico...whaaa?
Wait, his gloves say 'Real' but he plays for Atletico...whaaa?
Michael Regan

As the Courtois-Cech doomsday clock ticks closer to midnight, Chelsea will have to figure out whether to press the big red button to launch all the nukes or make the call to the space station and fire the orbital laser.  I'm not sure which option corresponds to which goalkeeper, so don't ask too many questions.

One option that we hasn't been bandied about too often is the passive-aggressive* stalling tactic, namely the contract extension.  Courtois is halfway through his initial five-year deal and the number one thing that we have to prevent is losing him for absolutely nothing in return.  In light of that, the Daily Mail and Marca are reporting that Chelsea are plotting a two-year extension for the young Belgian, which would then tie him down until the summer of 2018.

* speaking of aggressive, your preferred option in the last poll was a goalkeeper hunger games/battle royale

Now, sure, neither source are exactly the bastion of truth and reliability, especially when it comes to transfer rumors, but I'm looking at the fact that Marca picked up and ran with the story as well as a good sign (i.e. it's not really their usual anti-Chelsea/Mourinho angle).  And if Chelsea can get away with postponing the decision, then this is the correct move.

The Mail goes on to say that Courtois doesn't want to make a decision until the summer, after the World Cup, which doesn't sound nearly as outrageous as they try to make it sound like.  Let the boy concentrate on his club and international football - the latter of which he'll miss thanks to a minor ankle injury - and then unleash the Mourinho charm on him and lock him down for a few more years.

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