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For the second time in four days, Samuel Eto'o is your man of the match

Ian Walton

1. SAMUEL ETO'O - ST 6.8
Minutes played90
Not nearly as shiny as the midweek performance versus Schalke, but Eto'o was once again up to his old (new?) tricks, this time stealing in to take advantage of a moment's hesitation from left back Liam Ridgewell and put the ball in the ol' onion bag.

With three goals in his last two appearances and four goals in his last four starts, his signing is beginning to look almost like bargain. Not that tens of millions per year in salary could ever really be a bargain ... but small, undisclosed transfer fee repaid! Woo!

Minutes played90
Barely losing out on the top spot, Cool Hand Hazard comes in second by about 0.01.

His place near the top is probably deserved just for the confidence he displayed in taking that last gasp penalty to level the scores and keep Mourinho's invincible Premier League home record intact.

After the draw, if you had told me that Chelsea would end the weekend as the top performer of all the London clubs in this round, I probably would've drank the water out of your half-full cup ... and then smashed said cup on top of your head for being so silly. Good thing I didn't do that, eh?

Despite being closely watched by the defense, Opta has him on three "chances created" (i.e. final pass before a shot) as well as a 92% pass success rate, which to a great extent might be a side effect of Albion parking the bus for most of the match.

Minutes played90
Willian drops from second to third, from Petrus level to Crispin level.

Crispin are a local maker of hard ciders that we discovered a few years ago thanks to their enticing, artisanal combinations of pure apple (no filler) with various yeasts used in brewing beer. The Saint, for example, uses Trappist yeast, The Bohemian uses Pilsner yeast, and so on.

One special flavor is made with sake yeast and rice syrup. It's an odd combination and I'm not even a huge sake fan at all, but I really do enjoy that one. Somehow, it just works. Like Willian, it works.

Streeeetch ... yeah, I got nothing. But Willian works his tail off every time he's played for Chelsea. And I like that. I like that a lot.

Cech (4.3), Azpilicueta (6.3), Terry (5.5), Cahill (5.4), Ivanovic (4.3), Ramires (6.0), Lampard (4.1), Oscar (5.8)

Ba (5.2), Mata (6.2), Mikel (5.9)


As much as I dislike international breaks - BORING - I'm actually taking advantage of this one in terms of taking a full break from the Chelsea football product. So the WBA replay has been shelved in favor of catching up on my shows and spending time with family fantasy football and hockey. I might try it back on for size in about a week, mood depending.

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