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Super-duper non-Chelsea Super Disappointment Super Sunday Open Thread

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Look on the bright side, at least we know that Chelsea won't disappoint today.

They won't pass it around with feet stuck in molasses. They won't launch cross after cross to absolutely no one in and around the penalty area. They won't miss glorious chances and they won't conspire to give away "funny" goals. They may even jump a little higher or run a little faster. No, wait, that's just Manchester City or United or Arsenal or Spurs or ... note to self: remember to cross out or delete name of team that will have mirrored Chelsea's insipidity.

So, it's a heavy schedule on this fine hangover Sunday with important-looking fixtures kicking off every couple hours. First, bright and early at 7am EST, we have Spurs vs. Newcastle, then at 9am EST, we have Sunderland vs. Man City, and then at 11am EST, we have Swansea City vs. Stoke City. That's the big one, that last one. Manchester United vs. Arsenal - also kicking off at the same time - will just have to take a back seat to all that. Who would be interested in all that anyway?

Funny part is, should Arsenal lose - and they do have come on down from this cloud at some point, right? - Chelsea will have actually narrowed the gap to the top of the table this weekend.

Oh, football...

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