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Ramires insists he doesn't ever 'simulate' fouls, let alone when he has a chance to score

The actions of one man overshadowed just about everything else about yesterday's match. Of course, I'm talking about the referee. But since he doesn't give post-match comments, here's Ramires instead.

Ian Walton

So, that penalty.

via /r/chelseafc

Some will say it was one, some will say it wasn't.  The distribution of the yeses and nos will largely depend on what team you've sworn your allegiance to.

Some, like Jose Mourinho, will also point out that the referee bottled that decision on Ivanovic, when he dallied on the ball and, to compound his troubles, was fouled by Sessegnon and subsequently lost the ball* and so the last minute decision was some sort of karmic payback to balance the scales.  Steve Clarke will of course be disappointed and incensed and flabbergasted.  It was such a borderline call that perhaps there's no right answer.

* That being said, Gary Cahill, that was hilariously bad and Petr Cech, that was hilariously sad.

But what does the man in the spotlight have to say about it?  Several English sources carried a short Ramires quote about never diving, and that seems to have come from a post-match interview he gave to Brazilian journalists:

"I've never been one to simulate a foul from a player, let alone when I have the opportunity to score a goal."

-Ramires; source LANCE! via Sport Witness

There ya have it.  And since I cannot I recall any (other?) instance of Ramires diving - my brain kept sending me thoughts of Torres, Sturridge, Drogba, Robben, et al. instead - I'm inclined to take him at his word.  When it happened, I couldn't believe that the referee gave it; I was certain Ramires played up to get the call.  On replay, it looks almost like an accident.  Who knows.  I still don't know.  Probably not a penalty, in any case.  I know I'd be just as furious as Clarke if that was called against us.  Football!

On a sidenote, most English sources have left the rest of Ramires' quote out.  It can be interpreted as either a shot at the media or rival fans/teams, but to me, it mostly shows just how quickly Mourinho has shaped the mentality of the squad - or at the least, Ramires.

"This looks more like crying against our team than anything else. Unfortunately for these people, we still haven't lost at home."

-Ramires; source LANCE! via Sport Witness

Us vs. Them.  You can practically see the strings.  But how about we work on the 'us' part a bit for next time, ey, Mr. Puppetmaster Mourinho and Disciple #1?

"We will work to correct our mistakes and improve in the coming games."

-Ramires; source: LANCE! via Google Translate

So say we all.

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