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Cole picks up rib injury against Norwich

Mike Hewitt

Chelsea may have beaten Norwich City at Carrow Road, but they didn't escape East Anglia entirely unscathed. Ashley Cole had himself a rough game against the Canaries, and it turns out that he's sustained some sort of rib injury. Here's Jose Mourinho in the postgame interview:

Ashley Cole is having this little problem for a little while but now he is hurt in the ribs. I didn't change him because of that, I changed him because of an option but then I realised the situation.

-Source: BBC.

I'm not entirely sure how to parse this one. Has Cole been suffering a minor problem so far this season that he aggravated against Norwich? How serious is it? We obviously won't know the extent of the injury until Cole gets a scan, but if he's been playing hurt (and he hasn't been playing very well) why haven't we seen more Ryan Bertrand?

Anyway, if Cole's actually hurt it probably means he won't see too much time with England in the upcoming international break. That, I think, can only be a good thing -- dude needs his rest.

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