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Romelu Lukaku asked Chelsea to send him on loan

The 20-year old preferred to go on loan and play every day, rather than fight for minutes at Chelsea

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Julian Finney

Romelu Lukaku is strating again for Everton as they take on Manchester City today, and many CHelsea fans are asking themselves why he won't be starting for Chelsea tomorrow instead. Lukaku opened up a bit on the subject in today's Telegraph:

"Look, let me be honest about this,I did not know if I would be playing for Chelsea so I asked the manager to let me leave. We spoke and I told him."

"It’s unfair to criticize Mourinho for letting me go because it was my decision. He knows what he is doing. He has won so many titles and I have too much respect for him to wish anything but the best, but there comes a point where you must think about yourself to show everyone that you can shine and be one of the best strikers in the league."

"I could have stayed and fought, but it was not about the competition. When you are a 20-year-old you need minutes. I lost my place in the national team because I did not play for a year with Chelsea."

"I want that position back. I want to be in a top team and play. You only get better if you play so the best thing was to leave."

"He’d called me into his office 10 days before the end of the window. I did not want to tell him what I wanted to do at that point, but he was very open and direct. I always wanted to work under him and even the time in pre-season he taught me lots I’m grateful for but I had to make a choice."

As usual with Lukaku, his comments really speak of maturity beyond his years. They are also extremely sensible, something not all that common with young players today.

I don't think many fans are thrilled with the fact that Lukaku is bagging goals in a different shade of Blue, while we're watching Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o, and Demba Ba struggle to find the back of the net. It's a much easier decision to take if the player was already on the same page though, and as long as he helps Everton take some points off of our title rivals, I'll probably be ok with it.

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