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Showdown(s) in the North / Saturday Football Open Thread

BEASTMODE stiffarm.
BEASTMODE stiffarm.
Julian Finney

If you had money riding on Everton being the last undefeated team in the Premier League, congratulations. You are indeed an oracle, sir/ma'am.

Everton's biggest test of the young season starts at 7:45am EDT today when they travel to the City of Manchester and take on the Sky Blues reeling from back-to-back defeats. Deadly, dangerous. Like a cornered animal. I do fear a bit for the likable Roberto Martinez and of course Romelu Lukaku in this one...

The other half of Liverpool headline the traditional Saturday afternoon kickoffs as they host newly promoted Crystal Palace. The three other matchups at this hour include Cardiff vs. Newcastle, Fulham vs. Stoke, and Hull City vs. Aston Villa. Yawn.

Lastly, the other half of Manchester continue Moyesylution away to beyond terrible Sunderland in the late game. Sunderland have one point - ONE! - from six. Alongside Bundesliga's Braunschweig, that's quite literally the worst of any team in any decent league in Europe.

Speaking of other decent leagues, both Real Madrid and Barcelona are in action in Spain today, while Borussia meet Borussia and Bayer meet Bayern in Germany. Ligue 1 leaders Monaco and Serie A leaders Roma also play. So all-in-all, a pretty fantastic non-Chelsea Saturday.

I went to see Gravity last night. I can't recommend it enough. Easily the best movie I've seen all year. 3D & IMAX if you can, 3D and regular-sized screen if you can't. Wow. Edge of your seat and all that. Blown away. Alfonso Cuarón should be given a Nobel Peace Prize just for making Sandra Bullock not annoying.


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