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Norwich City vs. Chelsea: You choose the squad

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It's that time again

Michael Steele

The Blues will take on Norwich City this weekend in their last game before the international break. Because of that, rotating the squad won't likely be on the mind of Jose Mourinho. He'll have most of the squad to choose from, although they could be without a pair of key players.

Fernando Torres will definitely be out of this one, as he's both injured and suspended. Eden Hazard is also questionable, and neither Tomas Kalas or Kenneth Omeruo will probably be ready for this one. I've left Hazard as an available option for you to select, but I'd be pretty surprised if Mourinho picks him with the depth we have.

As always, let us know who you'd pick if you were in charge, and we'll have the results for you before the game on Sunday. Discuss away in the comments section below, but please be respectful of other opinions. Thanks!