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Let's talk about David Luiz

Jamie McDonald

In case you haven't noticed, David Luiz hasn't featured at centre back since the 4-1 win against Cardiff City. Presumably that's a direct result of the '1', which was the product of some incredibly stupid play by the Brazilian. We're now back in the vicious cycle which, aside from last season, has become the trademark of David Luiz's Chelsea career -- a few weeks of solid play followed by a random calamity. Repeat ad nauseam.

The problem with David Luiz's play isn't the mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, even costly ones, and his replacement was directly responsibly for letting Sergio Aguero free for Manchester City's goal on Sunday. The real issue is the type of mistakes he makes. Rather than simply being the result of his own limitations, they stem from a lack of concentration, and although he's a fine player, unless he buckles down he's never going to reach the sort of level that he should.

It's frustrating for the fans, and I can only imagine it's even more frustrating for the manager. Here's what Jose Mourinho has to say on the subject:

A team and a defensive player need stability. With the talent Luiz has I hope he can reach that.

Sometimes he makes a little mistake and he has to work on that stability because it is important for him and it is important for the team.

The team needs him and, yes, he has what it takes to be a really top, top defender in the world. Now he has to reach that stability and maturity.

It is important for every player to know the principles of their play, to know what we do facing certain situations and for defenders to understand each other and complement each other.

-Jose Mourinho. Source: Express.

That's really all there is to it. I like David Luiz a lot, and his mistakes aren't nearly as costly compared to the alternatives as his detractors would have us think. But the fact of the matter is that they're avoidable and shouldn't be made. It's time for him to cut the stupids from his game.

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