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Jose Mourinho & Jose Mourinho Jr celebrate Torres' winner as one of us

When the TV showed the replay of Fernando Torres's winning goal and the subsequent celebrations by the Chelsea sideline, I admit I was a bit baffled by what Mourinho was doing. As Steve Holland, Rui Faria, and the rest of the coaching staff, Frank Lampard, David Luiz, and the rest of the players on the bench went nuts, Mourinho turned the other way, ran past Manuel Pellegrini and the City bench and rushed into the stands.

Was Mourinho taunting or showing up the visitors and their coach? Was he having a bit of fun with his forced exile into the stands from last week? Or was he just doing one of those five-second-(calculated)-crazy moments that we know and (usually) love? Was this the less pants-destroying version of his famous knee slide from the last time he faced off versus Manchester City?

Turns out, it's none of those. As he explained in his post-match interview, all he wanted was to celebrate with his son, José Jr. Junior, 14, is a budding goalkeeper who is currently playing in Fulham's academy.

"I want to buy a season ticket for my son but they gave him the season ticket behind the opponents' dugout."

"They have to change and give him a ticket behind my dugout. I went for him, I promise. Next match you will see him there again. This is the drama of the last minute. "

"[...] This is the emotion of the game, if they [City] believe my son is there, great. If they don't believe that I apologize."

-Jose Mourinho; source:

One of us.

So why was he all defensive about it, with regards to City's feelings? Well, it seems that Manuel Pellegrini has taken it personally.

"I didn't expect anything else. It is a different way to celebrate from me."

"No, I didn't shake hands. Because I didn't want to."

"I repeat, I didn't want to shake hands. I don't want to say any more."

-Manuel Pellegrini; source: The Independent

We haven't had a good handshake-gate in some time, so hurray for that; but perhaps the City manager should direct his anger towards his own goalkeeper. I wonder if they shook hands post-match.

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