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Chelsea vs. Manchester City: Second half overflow discussion

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45 minutes in the books, 45 minutes left to go

Clive Rose

This one was a bit slow to really get going, but the Blues exploded about midway through the first half. Andre Schurrle opened the scoring after a beautiful cross from Fernando Torres, and just like that the Blues had the lead.

It was a shaky start for Torres, who fluffed a pair of excellent chances before creating the opening goal. He's been exceptional since that point though, finding spaces everywhere and nearly doubling the Chelsea lead.

It will be interesting to see what changes come during after the halftime break. The Blues have looked excellent for the most part, and Sergio Aguero has looked like he needs a bit of help. Manuel Pellegrini has plenty of attacking options at his disposal though, and I'd be surprised if we go too much further into this contest before we see a change.

As with the first half, keep things relatively clean and don't direct or link to illegal streams. Let's go Blues!