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Chelsea FC vs. Manchester City: What FIFA 14 has to say


Even Jose Mourinho was put to sleep by FIFA 14's latest match prediction
Even Jose Mourinho was put to sleep by FIFA 14's latest match prediction
Denis Doyle

So far, our FIFA 14 crystal ball has had mixed results.  The video game predicted a 3-2 victory over Norwich City and a 0-0 draw with Cardiff City.  The Norwich prediction was pretty close to the actual 3-1 result, but EA Sports dropped the ball with their Cardiff prediction.

This week, we asked FIFA 14 to predict the results of our upcoming match with yet another City, and here's what they came up with.

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Some match lights (most of them low) -

  • As in previous weeks, FIFA 14 continues to impress me with their seemingly magical abilities to keep track of what goes on here in the real world and make it part of the game.  Prior to the match, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith highlight the fact that Fernando Torres has been improving and specifically point to how well he's done in European competitions.  This is the third week I've noticed this and it still amazes me.  What is this magic?!
  • Fake Mourinho apparently felt that Ashley Cole's avatar needed a bit more rest, and he decided to stick with Bertrand's avatar at left back.  He also decided to pair Mikel's avatar with Ramires' (a bit of a change from the Rampard partnership we usually see).  Mikel's avatar didn't waste any time justifying the selection, as he found Oscar in the box with a beautiful pass in the 3rd minute.  Alas, nothing was to come of it.  Mikel's avatar also made some nice (albeit incredibly out of position) runs into the box.
  • Sergio Aguero's avatar picked up an injury and had to be subbed off in the 35th minute.  Fake Pelligrini and the pixelated City fanbase must be extremely nervous about the prospect of being without their top scorer.
  • Chelsea only managed 38% possession during the first half and failed to record a single shot.  Lampard's avatar came on for Mikel's to start the second half, no doubt to try and add a bit of offence to the proceedings.
  • EA Sports might be letting go of it's petty vendetta against David Luiz.  Perhaps it was due to the virtual lack of offensive threats posed by Manchester City, but Luiz' avatar did not appear to make any ridiculous errors this week.  In fact, he blocked what could have been the winning goal in the 90th minute.
  • Despite this match being a bit boring due to the lack of any real chances, I thought the video game did a great job of depicting what actually happens in a match when two teams are clearly content with playing for a draw.  Hopefully, the real thing will be much more exciting on Sunday and the club doesn't sell itself short by settling for just one point.

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions about these videos, we'll be sure to pass it along to our video editor, FonzieGamingHD (who, due to his editing skills, managed to turn this lemon into lemonade).

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