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Jose Mourinho charged with 'improper conduct' by the FA

The Blues manager was sent to the stands on Saturday, and the FA has decided that wasn't enough

Scott Heavey

The FA have issued a statement today in response to Jose Mourinho being sent off this Saturday against Cardiff City. Here's the statement in it's entirety, straight from the FA website:

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been charged with improper conduct in relation to his behaviour during his side’s game against Cardiff City on Saturday 19 October 2013.

Mourinho has until 6pm on 24 October to respond to the charge.

Mourinho hasn't yet issued any sort of statement on the matter, and it's unclear exactly what sort of punishment the manager will be facing should he be found guilty. In all likelihood we're looking at a stern warning, but it's possible that we could be dealing with a game in the stands for the Portuguese.

I'd have to assume Mourinho will contest this, and I'm certain he'll wait until after the club returns from Germany to do so. That ought to assure that he's not facing any sort of punishment ahead of the Manchester City game, regardlees of whether he's eventually found guilty of improper conduct by the FA.

For myself, the most interesting point about this entire incident is that the FA again seem to have their priorities way out of whack. They issued a charge to the Chelsea manager for calling out refereeing incompetence during a game that featured one of the more hilariously botched calls that I can remember. As much as I loved seeing the officials allow Samuel Eto'o's thievery ahead of the opening goal on Saturday, I'd think it would be nice to at least acknowledge that it was completely botched rather than to try to gloss over it by charging Mourinho. Maybe Mourinho went a bit too far in criticizing the referee on Saturday, but that referee has earned every bit of criticism he's receiving due to a generally dreadful performance this weekend.

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