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Chelsea vs. Cardiff City: You choose the squad

It's time to tell us what you would do in Jose Mourinho's place

Clive Rose

The international break is finally over, and the bulk of Chelsea's players have already decided their world cup fates. With that distraction out of the way, it's time for Chelsea fans to turn their attention back to Premier League football.

We'll probably be rolling out a new style for the choose your squad in one of the upcoming matches, but for today we're going to use the same format we've been using all season. Fernando Torres has been added to the list of players available for selection, and I'd have to think we're getting close to seeing both Tomas Kalas and Kenneth Omeruo be ready to be selected.

As always, pick the eleven players that you would start if put in charge of the club, and then select seven players to make up your bench. Discuss away in the comments section below, and as always, be respectful of other opinions even if they aren't the same as yours.

Update: Jose Mourinho has confirmed that neither Ashley Cole or Andre Schurrle will be fit to play for this one.

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