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We Ain't Got No...thing going on... / Open Thread

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My Right Foot
My Right Foot
Tullio M. Puglia

Do be do be dooooo...

This is fun, ain't it?

Here are a few odds and ends:


No, he's not technicality a Chelsea player anymore. But, really, he'll always be Chelsea. This weekend, he (and homeboy Salomon Kalou) helped their homeland to a 3-1 win over a Demba Ba-less Senegal. Drogba followed that up by hanging out in Monaco for a bit and getting his footprint entombed in gold. Or something. I've never actually heard of this thing before (apparently you could vote online?!), but I guess it's like a Hollywood Walk of Fame, but in Monaco and instead of handprints of movie stars they do footprints of football stars. Anyway, Drogba is the latest "inductee" and he beat out nine other current and recently retired legends. Congratulations, Mr. Big Man!


Question: who doesn't love Eidur? Answer: no one. Thus, his country loves him as well, as the Telegraph writes, especially in light of the veteran inspiring his country to the closest they have ever come to making it to a World Cup. While Switzerland waltzed through Group E, Iceland managed to best both Slovenia and Norway for that all-important second spot and will now face a two-legged playoff against one of Croatia, Portugal, Greece, and Ukraine. Some of those look reasonably winnable, no? Eidur's also loved in Belgium, where he's currently playing out the last remaining twilight years of his career. The fact that Eidur is in Bruges is the second greatest thing to me about that city after the amazing In Bruges movie starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Voldemort.


In case there's no Internet where you live (HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?!), Schürrle scored a hat trick versus Sweden on Tuesday. I'd call it brilliant, wonderful, glorious if I were Martin Tyler. But I'm not, so I'm just going to call it awesome. If you were wondering, Schürrle did get to keep the game ball and he's apparently going to give it to his Mutti. Ok, all at once: awwwww. Also, here's Jogi Löw to make you feel all fuzzy-wuzzy inside about Mourinho and Chelsea:

I last saw him again so as in the beginning with us, dynamic, fast, train with the gate. The move to Chelsea has certainly done him good.

-Joachim Löw; source: via Google Translate



In a shocking, totally unexpected turn of events, Marko "Bubble Boy" Marin did his hamstring. He'll be out for the next month. Sadface.


Cahill thinks he and Jags could do the business for England in Brazil. I don't rate EBGC all that much, but he may just be right in this case.


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