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'Mourinho disciple' unhappy with life at Madrid

Juergen Schwarz

It's no secret that I'm a huge admirer of Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira. For years, he's successfully anchored their midfield alongside Xabi Alonso, and he's also excelled with Germany. Considering that Chelsea are light in central midfield, especially after the loss of Marco van Ginkel to an ACL tear, the 26-year-old is high on my list of potential targets this winter.

Happily for me, his current club appear to have quite the opposite opinion in the post-Mourinho era. And Khedira's not very pleased about it:

I’m not a Spanish player, I did not cost a lot of money and I am one of Mourinho’s disciples.

I started the season on the bench or in the stands. Even if I play well, I am the scapegoat and so will not be properly valued.

-Source: Kicker via Daily Mail.

Although he hasn't said anything about leaving, it's not so difficult to read between the lines. This is a deeply unhappy player, and he wants things changed or he wants out. And since Madrid don't find him particularly valuable, perhaps an interested team could pick him up in winter. That's certainly where the Mail is going with this story, and considering the mutual regard Jose Mourinho and Khedia obviously share -- as well as Chelsea's needs in the transfer market -- we can probably expect this one to grow legs if his situation at the Bernabeu doesn't change (and it might get worse with Alonso coming back from injury).

I'm all for an extended Khedira chase, myself.

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