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No problem at Chelsea, says de Bruyne

Richard Heathcote

One of the major issues with having a lot of talent in certain positions is that it becomes very difficult to keep everyone both sharp and happy. Chelsea, as we're all aware, have a slew of superb players to choose from in the attacking band, and as a result there'll always be a couple who aren't in favour. Earlier, it was the Juan Mata show. Now, with Mata back in the fold, it's Kevin de Bruyne's turn.

De Bruyne, as it turns out, is being quite a lot more forthcoming about the situation than Mata was:

Y a-t-il un problème De Bruyne à Chelsea ?
"Non. C’est la presse qui en fait un problème (rires)."

Is there a problem for you at Chelsea?
"No. It is the press who create a problem (laughs).

C’est parce qu’on s’inquiète pour vous, Kevin.
"Ce n’est pas nécessaire. Vous paniquez pour rien. On ne m’a pas encore fait de commentaires au sein du club."

It's because we are worried for you, Kevin.
"That's not necessary. You're panicking for nothing. I have not made any comments about the club."


Long story short: Everything is cool and people are making a big deal out of nothing. Personally, I'd expect to be seeing de Bruyne again fairly soon. He was excellent against Croatia, looks fit, and is talented enough to be a fixture at Chelsea. And despite his weird dress sense, he's done very well with that interview (there's some other interesting information in there, so click through to the full link and do some Google translating). Nice one, Kevin.

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