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Kevin De Bruyne's agent is making noise, should we be worried?

Alex Livesey

I suppose it was only going to be a matter of time.  With six attacking midfielders in the squad, all of whom could very easily be starters at most clubs and with Kevin De Bruyne currently just sixth choice of those six (possibly even seven because Ramires is a Ramires-of-all-trades), somebody eventually would start making some disgruntled noises.  Even though it's still very, very early in the season.

Unsurprisingly, it's an agent who has been the first to open his mouth.

"Wenn Kevin im Januar einen Verein finden muss, dann sprechen wir mit Klaus Allofs."

-Patrick de Koster, agent; source: Wolfsburger Allgemeine

Hilariously, Google Translate translates this as

"If Kevin has to find a club in January, we speak with Mike Schüssler."

Who is Mike Schüssler?  Is 'Klaus Allofs' - if that's his real name - the Jason Bourne of Wolfsburg?  What is going on over there in that city about which I had a barely-witty line here originally before realizing that I was confusing it with Würzburg?  So many questions!

Regardless, the words of the agent (who seems fairly real and consistently named) can easily make for scary headlines.  Chelsea and Mourinho were keen on keeping De Bruyne around this summer, rejecting both loan and transfer bids, but the 22-year-old Belgian has been, at best, inconsistent in his four appearances (three starts) so far.  When Mourinho left him off the squad for the trip to Romania, it was deemed important enough to even usurp all the Mata narratives still hanging around.

And so we're staring at a potential dilemma.  We're familiar with such dilemma already (see: Romelu Lukaku) and a potential solution if De Bruyne cannot find enough playing time with the first team would probably be quite similar as in that case.  De Bruyne made quite a name for himself in Germany last season with Werder Bremen, so it's not surprising that Wolfsburg (or Werder again) would be open to a potential move in January.

How likely is a January move for De Bruyne?  Right now, not nearly as likely as the above quote makes it initially look.  Part of what's happening is that the original source is behind a paywall, and only the scare-quote is viewable without payment.  Many secondary sources that I've come across only use this bit.  But thanks to BILD, we have a few more words from the agent.

"Dass Kevin jetzt bei der U21 trainieren muss, empfinde ich nicht als Bestrafung. Das ist in England eben mal der Fall, da ist Kevin nicht der einzige Spieler."

-Patrick de Koster, agent; source: BILD

I'm sure somebody can pop up with an exact translation, but basically, the agent isn't too worried and thinks that the whole under-21 traning was just a one-time only thing.  He probably has confidence that his client will work his way back into Mourinho's graces and rotation and all will be good.

And if not, a six-month loan in January - De Bruyne's has almost four more years left on his contract and thus there'd be no reason to sell whatsoever - might not be the worst thing.  There'd be no reason to limit his potential by keeping him confined to the bench and if the rest of the squad stays injury free, we would not have any depth issues in the attacking band.  Sure, we'd probably have to deal with all the 'young players & Chelsea' narrative nonsense (I mean, it's not like the other attacking midfielders on the squad are young, right?), but that's a small price to pay for making the right decision as far as the club's and the player's long(er)-term futures are concerned.

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