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Julian Draxler puts Chelsea on his dream-list of the 'biggest clubs in world'

Sascha Steinbach

Julian Draxler is a rather amazing player, but he currently plays for a rather non-amazing club. Sure, we've all heard of Schalke 04, but the Bundesliga is a Bayern Munich monopoly for all intents and purposes and anybody below them can only hope for a season or two of true relevancy.

To fulfill his ultimate ambitions, Draxler knows that he will have leave his hometown, boyhood club behind. The new contract with its massive release clause (about €45m) that he signed this past summer will ensure that Schalke are at least properly compensated.

"You can as an individual player to draw attention to yourself when you're not playing at an absolute top club in Europe. But if you want to achieve the great goals that a world class player happens to have, it is one of them, that you are playing at the biggest clubs in the world."

"I owe a lot Schalke, I was always Schalke. The need to emphasize. But I'm not so rooted that I could not tear ourselves away myself. I honestly say that it is my dream to play at times one of the big clubs."

-Julian Draxler, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger via Google Translate

So who might "the big clubs" be? Sometimes we have to guess at just what clubs players may be referring to in these sorts of stories, but Draxler was happy to oblige with specifics.

"The big two in Spain, Real and Barcelona, ​​Bayern and a few others from England, namely Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea."

-Julian Draxler, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger via Google Translate

Why thank you, Julian. How very nice of you. And don't worry, we absolutely adore attacking midfielders, and would no doubt welcome you with open arms whenever you do decide that it's time to move on from Schalke.

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