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Vlad Chiriches could use Tottenham to get to Chelsea, according to his agent


Laurence Griffiths

Trolling Spurs is something Chelsea fans have really come to enjoy over the past several seasons, and the latest set of quotes from the agent of Vlad Chiriches should endear the player to the Chelsea faithful while further enraging Spurs fans:

"If he has one or two good seasons at Tottenham, Chelsea will be willing to pay a large sum to buy Chiriches.

"Mourinho says he has been aware of him since he was at Real Madrid."

Personally I'm not a big fan of Chirches, as I feel his general lack of physical tools will limit his long term upside. That said, his awareness and composure on the ball are just fantastic for a center back of his age, and I could easily see him being a useful piece for Spurs going forward.

As to a potential move to Chelsea in two years, Chiriches agent is probably out of his mind in thinking that's a legitimate possibility. He may well develop into a Chelsea caliber player, but the London club probably isn't a real option for a player under contract at Tottenham. If he wanted an eventual move to the best club in London, choosing to sign with the red-headed stepchild of competitive London clubs was the worst thing he could ever do.

Either way, Chiriches likely just upset the Spurs fanbase, and that makes me happy. Now let's see Willian score a hat trick today to make those tears that much sweeter.

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