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Chelsea confirm that Todd Kane will be heading to Blackburn Rovers

Kane indicated this was coming last night, and the clubs have confirmed it this morning

Matthew Lewis

Chelsea FC have confirmed this morning that Todd Kane will be heading to Blackburn Rovers for his second loan spell of the season. It is only a one-month loan spell, and it's set to expire on February 10, 2013. It is the second short term loan of the season for Kane, who just returned from a short stint at Preston North End.

Blackburn don't currently have a strong option available at right back, they are stronger in the center of the defense and on the left flank at the moment. Kane will have some competition for minutes, but it's a situation in which I could reasonably see him getting some time on the pitch. That's really all we're looking for in a loan, so in that regards, it's a good choice for both the club and player.

If Kane struggles to find the pitch, he will be free to return to Chelsea after just a month. That would be far from ideal, but it's better than leaving him rotting on the bench at Blackburn.

From a personal standpoint, this loan should be great as well. We don't currently have any pictures of Kane in the database, but we do have plenty of chicken pictures available to use. Playing at a Championship level club ought to assure we have at least one or two pics of Kane in the future. For now though, enjoy a guy in a chicken mask!

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